Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapists optimise the way a person’s body moves and functions.

At CDS SA our physiotherapy services are individualised programs that focus on strength, positioning, fitness, stability and increased functional capacity. Our physiotherapists work together with clients, families, and their supports to provide physiotherapy services that address any mobility concerns to maximise participation in day-to-day life and encourage engagement.

If you live in metropolitan Adelaide or the Greater Adelaide Region, we may be able to come to you to help support with your goals in your environment. This can be at home, school, work, the gym, wherever you need to be.

Contact us to book an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists or alternatively, Referrals can be sent to

Physiotherapy Costing

As per the NDIS Price Guide, funding is required in:
Capacity Building – Capacity Building Supports For Early Childhood Interventions
Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living
Core – Assistance with Daily Life