About the NDIS

The NDIS provides funding and support to participants under the age of 65 living with a permanent and significant disability, and their families and carers. The purpose is to provide Participants with a means of accessing the supports needed to maximise function and independence both socially, physically and economically. The NDIS allows its Participants to have Choice and Control over their supports. Currently in Australia it is estimated 4.3 million people are living with disability.
The NDIS is a means of providing people with disability support to achieve their goals. It aims to empower Participants to live the life they want to live.

Participants can use the NDIS to access the supports and services required to optimise their function. At CDS we are able to provide these services through:

Participants receive tailored NDIS Plans based on their needs allowing for reasonable and necessary supports to be provided. CDS staff work closely with their participants and are able to help provide recommendations and reports to the NDIS to maximise required funding for services. NDIS plans are split into three ‘support budgets’ to help ensure the correct services are being provided to the Participant.

Core Supports

Core Supports help with your everyday activities to achieve you goals including Assistance with Daily Life, Consumables (for example low-cost Assistive Technology), Assistance with Social & Community Participation and Transport.

Capacity Building Supports

Capacity Building Supports help build your independence and skills to help you pursue your goals including Support Coordination, Improved Living Arrangements, Increased Social & Community Participation, Finding & Keeping a Job, Improved Relationships, Improved Health & Wellbeing, Improved Learning, Improved Life Choices and Improved Daily Living (for example physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy).

Capital Supports Budget

Capital Supports include higher-cost Assistive Technology, Home or Vehicle Modifications and funding for one-off purchases Participants may need.
Objectives of the NDIS outlined in the NDIS Act include:
“The NDIS is a federal government funded scheme which provides financial support to people with an intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive or psychosocial disability, as well as early intervention supports for children with developmental delay.”

Unsure if you can access the NDIS? Please visit the NDIS website and complete the eligibility checklist to find out. CDS is able to help provide support and evidence to NDIS applicants.

Do I have funding in my NDIS plan for the supports I am seeking? Different supports are funded through different categories. Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Pathology is generally accessed through Improved Daily Living and Capital Supports. Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination is accessed through Support Coordination in the Capacity Building Supports category.

For further information or to discuss how CDS is able to help please Contact Us